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Xero Vs Saasu Bookkeeping Software

If you’re a small business owner, you have likely already asked yourself what the best bookkeeping software out there is. As Xero and Saasu bookkeepers ourselves, we often get clients asking what accounting software is best to use. There is no simple answer to this question as each software package has different features, and each […]

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Saasu Inventory Management – How Does It Rate?

One of the critical aspects of retail, wholesale or manufacturing business is achieving the perfect inventory setup. Not having enough stock to keep up with demands will lead to unsatisfied customers and drive away would-be customers. Overstocking makes your business vulnerable to unused stocks that spoil or go stale. These possible pitfalls are the reason […]

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How Saasu Accounting Software Can Simplify Your Business

When choosing accounting software for your business, it’s important to choose one that not only fits well with the type of business you are conducting, but one that is simple to navigate and utilize as well. Proper bookkeeping requires education at every turn, whether it be the software itself or the practices involved. And for […]

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Saasu Review - Intuitive Accounting Software

Next up in our series of reviews is the review of Saasu Accounting Software for Sunshine Coast Business Owners, another cloud-based program (see here for an explanation of a cloud-based program) that is relatively new to the market. In case you missed our last post, we have a review of Xero up on the blog […]

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Saasu Accounting Software Review

Ok, let’s get into our Saasu accounting software review. So why would someone want to choose Saasu? It’s simple! Saasu can have most users and customers up and running before they’re off the phone. You can subscribe online and have a 30-day trial free, pay the subscription and be on your way. It’s complete! With […]

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