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Superannuation Guarantee Services

Make Sure That Your Business is up to Date and on Time with Super Obligations

Avoid Upsetting Valuable Employees and The ATO Superannuation Guarantee Charge

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Why Choose Our Superannuation Guarantee Services

Superannuation obligations not being met on time can be a very costly exercise for a business and in some cases also directors. The Tax office can impose serious penalties including administration fees and interest via the Super Guarantee Charge Statement if you are audited. Often this will occur where an employee makes a complaint to the ATO about unpaid super. Avoid the stress around quarterly superannuation reporting and payments. We are responsible for the reporting and payments for hundreds of businesses. Our bookkeepers use proven strategies to streamline this process for our clients to ensure your employment obligations are always fulfilled.

How We Do It



Review current super reporting and payment process

Review financial statements in your accounting file (where possible). Otherwise review bank statements

Understanding if any super payments are overdue to employees and who these are owed too. Then create an action plan if required to bring all superannuation payments up to date. If a payment plan is required, we can negotiate this with the ATO on your behalf.

Create a new employee on boarding pack

Collate and create relevant forms to give to new employees

This ensures that you provide all the paperwork to new employees that you are required to by law as an employer. Capture required details to make future superannuation payments for the employee’s nominated super fund.

Implement process to ensure all future super obligations are met

Customise payroll and superannuation accounting software eg. Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks for the business

Reporting of payments digitally via the accounting software to ensure your business is SuperStream compliant. The accounting software will also ensure that your business is Single Touch Payroll compliant as well. No more missing 28th of each quarter’s deadline for reporting and payments.

Report and make payments for employees each quarter

Review payroll reports in accounting software and execute reporting and payments once accuracy is verified

Your business is compliant each quarter with your obligations as an employer under the SuperStream legislation.

Superannuation Audit by the ATO

Liaise with the Tax office and collate and provide all information and documentation necessary

Ensuring accuracy if there are any overdue superannuation obligations outstanding. Making sure the calculations are accurate and you are not overpaying on what the outcome of the ATO audit is. We help and advise you to navigate the super guarantee charge statement process.

Make superannuation reporting and payment easy each quarter

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Case Study

Barnabas Fund

This Not for Profit Organisation had approximately 10 employees and was using excel spreadsheets to track all payroll obligations including leave entitlements and superannuation. The organisation was using the ATO Super Clearing House and entering the data manually into the portal each quarter. Our bookkeeper went into the office and implemented payroll software that would account for all payroll obligations including superannuation. We brought all the existing balances from the excel spreadsheet into the payroll software so we were able to automate STP with a few clicks and also report all super guarantee payments via the payroll software at the end of the quarter. This software and new process saved the organisation thousands of dollars in payroll and super processing costs per year.

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