Saasu Inventory Management – How Does It Rate?

One of the critical aspects of retail, wholesale or manufacturing business is achieving the perfect inventory setup.

Not having enough stock to keep up with demands will lead to unsatisfied customers and drive away would-be customers. Overstocking makes your business vulnerable to unused stocks that spoil or go stale. These possible pitfalls are the reason why inventory management software solutions are essential for your business to keep up with the changing demands without the fear of overstocking.

Saasu, one of the pioneers of cloud accounting solutions, is one of the front runners when it comes to cutting-edge inventory management features and capabilities. This Australia-based Software as a Service (Saas) company has been running for more than a decade and has signed partnerships with OzForex and Paypal. Recently, Saasu announced an exclusive partnership with Westpac.

Their stability as a company and their recent feats show how reliable their accounting solutions are. Now, let’s take a look at Saasu’s inventory management system, which received a rave review, and see how it may fare with the needs of your business:

Superior Stock Tracking

Being a cloud accounting software, Saasu allows you to monitor your inventory stocks, anytime, anywhere. Saasu’s inventory management system allows business owners to easily track the movement of their inventory stock and trade it as they please as Saasu accounting software ‘stock takes’ feature makes it easy to quickly check the inventory the business has on hand. It also has e-commerce add-ons that allow Saasu to connect to your e-commerce site so you can have a complete monitoring ability over your goods, whether it’s virtual or tangible.

With Saasu, you can provide up to 5 inventory attributes for each item for easier stock identification and tracking such as serial numbers, colours, or even expiration dates. Being able to know beforehand which colours sell best and which goods should be sold as soon as possible allows business owners to maximize the profit from each inventory item and know which item to stock on.

Convenient Automation Features

Saasu’s inventory management system takes automation a step further by providing business owners with highly convenient auto-updates that could significantly save the time and money spent on inventory management.

For one, Saasu has an ‘Auto-flag’ refill feature that allows you to optimize your inventory and supplies. You’ll automatically receive alerts that warn you whenever inventory items are running low, no more time wasted going to the backroom for manual counting. Saasu also allows for automatic re-ordering of inventory stocks, all you have to do is set a minimum quantity where the system will order the stock for you.

Saasu also has additional features that separately count inventory items that are bundled together like combo promos.

Brilliant Complexity Handling

Saasu allows you to easily assemble and bundle certain inventory stock together to create combo items for promotional purposes without going through the headache of doing separate item tracking, Saasu’s inventory management system will happily do that for you.

Because inventory item attributes are customized, it’s easier to identify which products are easily sold and which products are stuck in the inventory whenever you merge serial number, batch, and location fields. The field merging capability is another advantage that Saasu offers.

Saasu is not only great at handling internal complexities, but it’s also effective at handling external complexities, like supplier lists, as well. The inventory management system will make sure that each supplier information isn’t a duplicate, ensuring that information like these are reliable and easy to understand.

Strategic Offerings

Saasu makes it easy for you to organize and account for the products and services you offer with the inventory management system’s easy to navigate price list and balance sheet. This will come in handy whenever it’s the holiday season or when you’re running promos. Another Saasu feature that makes the inventory management system strategic is that it has a voucher system that allows business owners to come up with voucher promos for a limited time. This capability allows for tactical moves that may provide an edge over your competitors.

One of the strongest competitive advantages Saasu offers is the fact that they have solid command of the local market of Australia. The company makes sure that the cloud accounting solution accommodates every regulation and compliance Australia has to offer. Add it to the fact that Saasu continues to improve their services through convenient feature updates.

For businesses that need solid inventory management support, Saasu is definitely your best bet. Just make sure that you’re guided by expert accounting software users to keep your business operations as seamless as possible. Contact Darcy Bookkeeping & Business Services today so you can get the tremendous benefits of Saasu’s inventory management system in no time.

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