MYOB vs Quickbooks vs Xero vs Saasu Accounting Software Comparison Part 2
























Mobile Application Version




Xero is available as a mobile website as well as through Android and iOS apps. Xero’s mobile app Xero Touch allows you to quickly check your business balances, draft invoices with few taps and then send invoices from phone, add expenses by taking photographs.




MYOB AccountEdge Pro mobile application is MYOB’s mobile offering for inventory, payroll, accounting and tracking from an iPad or iPhone. 




Saasu has just released its Saasu iPhone App, which can now be downloaded from iTunes App Store. This app, which is free for the subscribers of Saasu, allows you to manage professional invoicing, inventory, expenses, and contact management from iPhone app.  




QuickBooks’ companion for its mobile application for Android mobile devices and iOS is Intuit QuickBooks Mobile. This application can be used successfully if users are subscribed to QuickBooks Mobile. 


Technical Support


Xero does not provide telephone support as such but does offer adequate support service via email. If this is insufficient Xero has a substantial knowledge database and forum which can alleviate the need to contact Xero support.


MYOB provides you with all the support you need 24 hours daily and 7 days weekly. You may raise your technical concerns and issues with any of its representatives through Live Chat, phone, email, or through its MYOB Community Forum and Support Notes.


Saasu and Xero offer a similar support system relying upon email support, forum and a significant knowledge database to satisfy users and maintain brand loyalty


QuickBooks can provide you help through its technical support via its Install Center, Downloads and Updates, and New USER Resource Center.


After Account Closure


Xero allows you to access your data after closing account anytime upon request as it keeps the data for seven years. Xero also is readying a read-only subscription that will be available in the future. 


With the MYOB desktop copy you will be able to access your data long after you stop paying for updates. MYOB live accounts will still enable you to view as read only after you cancel your subscription.


Saasu keeps all your data for seven years, which can be accessed anytime when you reactivate you subscription of the software. It permits you to export all reports into PDF or Excel as an external data archive.


QuickBooks enables you to access your data such as the transactions of your business even after you have closed your account as it keeps them.


Now after looking at the broader aspects of each accounting software option we will delve into greater detail by drilling down into primary features such as dashboards, bank applications, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, inventory, and financial support. Each of these primary features has sub-categories listed that have allowed us to provide you with more detailed information regarding the ability of each software option. Enjoy!


























The purpose of the dashboard view is to provide a snapshot of your key business metrics without you having to search out the information manually.







Xero’ default dashboard allows you to view your bank balances, bills, expense claims and invoices with some graphical displays for visual illustration.



The dashboard of MYOB is divided into four panels: cash position today, cash position estimate, suppliers to be paid, and customers owing money.



Saasu’s default dashboard displays Cash flow graph, balance sheet and profit & loss summary and accounts payable/receivable summaries.



QuickBooks Online Plus dashboard system contains a to do list, messages and quick links to create invoices, receipct a payment, enter a bill and write a cheque initially when you register.




Ability to Customize



Xero has a highly customisable and good looking dashboard, which allows you to place emphasis on aspects you feel are important.



MYOB AccountRight Live enables a user to add or remove different panels and save as an image file or copy as graphs or a table.



Saasu’s dashboard is also customisable though it uses widgets, which you can mix and match to customize your dashboard to suit..



QuickBooks dashboard is not customizable but it does allow the ability to restrict users viewing access based on accessibility privileges.


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