MYOB vs Quickbooks vs Xero vs Saasu Accounting Software Comparison Part 1

Due to Xero, Saasu, MYOB and Quickbooks products being the 4 most popular accounting software options in the market today we have decided to put together the best comparative analysis available to help prospective users decide which software option is best for their business. By the end of the analysis we are confident that you will have a preference as to which option best suits your circumstances but if not feel free to call us at Darcy Bookkeeping & Business Services on 1300 728 875 and we can give you our opinion specific to your circumstances.






Xero charges $19, 29, $49 or $64 per month for its subscription offerings. The $49 monthly plan is Xero’s standard offering for small to medium businesses.

MYOB charges a monthly subscription fee of $29 - $65 depending upon which option you choose. The $39 and upward subscription provides you with the option for the original desktop program option.

Saasu comes in at a $35 monthly charge for its standard option. Saasu provides the cheapest accounting software alternative at $9 per month (depending upon what your requirements are). Subscription prices range from $9 - $60/month

QuickBooks which is now rebranded as Accounts starts at $195 and can vary in price up to $1739 for its premier version. Online subscription ranges from $15 - $35.

User Access

Xero provides its uses with the flexibility to login to the accounting system wherever and whenever you require. There are an unlimited number of users which is determined by those users which have access to invite others to access the company file.

MYOB Live Accounts allows users access to the company file anywhere an internet connection is accessible. MYOB live accounts allows 5 users simultaneous access at once with the Premier version of MYOB’s software allowing up to 50 users access at any one time.


Saasu provides its uses with the flexibility to login to the accounting system wherever and whenever you require. Saasu does not restrict the number of users you can invite to access the file at any one time. This makes Saasu a good software option for those who frequently travel interstate and overseas.

QuickBooks desktop version restricts the number of users that can access the company file at any one time depending upon which version you purchase. Reckon Online allows up to 200 simultaneous users maximum.

Data Security

 Xero have not had any data security issues to date. All data is secured using servers with SSL certificates and all data transmission between server is encrypted. Company file data is only made accessible to others at the discretion of users with invite privilages.

MYOB shows its commitment in securing the data of your business through its use of best practice security measures to protect the privacy and secure your data. This ensures that no one else can access your private information or data without gaining your permission.

 Saasu has a data provider with features like ISO standards, leading technologies and best business practices for the protection of your data. It secures data through its data and password encryption, physical security measures, network intrusion detection systems, and security access inspections and audits.

 QuickBooks relies on advanced and industry-recognized security measures to keep your data protected and private. It delivers security through its automated tools that monitored service performance for possible problems 24 hours daily and seven days s week.

 Back ups

 Back up’s are made obsolete with Xero due to their stringent back up policy which back’s up transaction logs every 10 minutes. Xero runs offsite back up’s nightly and full scale back up’s weekly.

 MYOB desktop version demands that you maintain and execute your own back up procedures to secure your data. MYOB live accounts allows you to create a backup on your desktop at any point in time but also back’s up in real time on MYOB hosted servers.

 Saasu has made manual back up’s obsolete with real time transaction log back up’s every 5 minute and a full weekly database back up performed to ensure no client data will ever be lost.

QuickBooks desktop version requires that you manage your own back up’s of your company file. Reckon Online perform automatic live updates daily to protect you from loss of data.  

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