What does a Qualified Bookkeeper do in a Business Anyway?

Business is not for the faint of heart.

Business owners will quickly tell you the amount of stress they go through just to keep up with the demand, sustain the growth of the business, or plug problems before it can deal a fatal blow.

The constant juggling of different duties makes it easier to forget transactions that are supposed to be recorded and fail submitting necessary compliance documents in time. Small business owners are more vulnerable to these problems and it hurts them more too: late penalties will quickly wash away any realized profits and unrecorded receivables will end up being unpaid until someone remembers.

That’s where a bookkeeper comes in.

A bookkeeper is a person tasked to process necessary files and documents regarding business transactions like organizing and maintaining your financial records efficiently to make sure every transaction is accounted for.

Read on and learn more about other duties a bookkeeper can do for your business:


Saves You Time. A Lot of Time

The adage, “Time is money”, can be taken literally in the world of business. Owners rarely have the time to spare compiling and organizing business transactions when they’re out trying to make the best use of their time raking in profit for the business. A bookkeeper provides you a considerable amount of time by doing the tiring and confusing process of transaction recording and maintenance for you.


Clear Cut Insights

Like it or not, each one of us is subject to biased views and opinions. It’s human nature. However, fostering these biased views in business will do you more harm than good. A bookkeeper will serve as the third party that will provide you an unbiased view and a clear cut insight on the state of your business. Being too invested in the business might keep you from discovering crucial insights that might save your business from harm or maximize profits.


Reduces Costs In More Ways Than One

Bookkeepers process your financial documents faster, money would be efficiently spent compared to doing it on your own which may cost more in terms of time spent and lost opportunities. Errors are few and far between, but bookkeepers have the ability to see the smallest details, ensuring you can avoid costly error fixes when tax season comes. Best of all, a bookkeeper is considerably cheaper than hiring an accountant to do the same tasks at a higher rate.


No More Dreading Tax Season

Because you have a bookkeeper around to manage your business transactions, you won’t be worrying over transaction records whenever tax season comes. Headache-inducing problems like cancelled checks, mountains of receipts, and confusing tax returns are a thing of the past now that you have a bookkeeper to handle it for you. No more tax season anxiety, no more tax season penalties. Money that could have gone directly to avoidable tax expenses can now be used for better purposes.


Spots Fraudulent Activities from Miles Away

Due to the fact that bookkeepers spend their time organizing and assessing your business records, it will be a lot easier for them to spot fraudulent activities and embezzlement than doing it on your own. The time spent working through transactions after transactions help bookkeepers detect irregular activities and report them to you before they become a huge problem.


Monitors Budget Spending

To accurately assess the performance of your business, you have to check the current status of your budget every now and then to make sure the results are clear. A bookkeeper will keep you from having to tally up where your present budget is. They have your transaction records, so it would be easy for them to track each business expense and tell you quickly whether you’re on a budget, on the verge of overspending, or grossly underspending.


Uses Your Accounting Software Efficiently

Bookkeepers are generally adept at using accounting software like QuickBooks to deliver fast and effective transaction management solutions for your business. Bookkeepers will ensure that you will get the most bang for your buck on the accounting software you bought initially to improve business record tracking.


Without a doubt, hiring a bookkeeper for your business provides tremendous advantages that allow you to run and manage your business better. However, a business owner should keep in mind that in order to maximize the benefits of hiring one, they should look for a qualified bookkeeper with relevant experience.

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