Do You Need Accounting Software For Your Business?


As a small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, investing in the right tools can mean the difference between growth and stagnation. Maybe you’ve considered investing in accounting software in the past or just started researching your options, but you’re still not sure why you should purchase it.

Small scale businesses can be easily managed with spreadsheets but it is impossible to rely on them throughout your business life. Some prominent signs which indicate that now you need to switch to accounting software are mentioned as follows: Continue reading

Do I Need Accounting Software For My Small Business?

This is a question most small business owners think about. Is the cost of purchasing and time spent learning software worth it? The short answer is yes.

Whether you are an individual, partnership, or company, there are numerous benefits to using accounting software. Continue reading

Which rostering software is best for your business?

If you are struggling to keep up with rostering staff and scheduling, then rostering software may be the answer. Paper calendars, wall charts and Excel sheets are time-consuming and often inefficient. Rostering software allows you to coordinate and track schedules in real time. Regardless of the size of your business, there are some obvious benefits. Some of the main ones are;

  • ensuring each shift is adequately covered
  • saving costs by overstaffing a shift or department
  • being able to see who is available when someone calls in sick
  • avoiding scheduling conflicts by matching scheduling with staff availability
  • ensuring more equitable rostering
  • managing staff leave
  • keeping track of absenteeism! Continue reading

Key Features of MYOB AccountRight That Small Businesses Need

Each business is unique and many factors need to be taken into account when selecting accounting software which best suits your business. MYOB is a powerful web-based accounting program which is capable of handling all of the accounting requirements of both small and large businesses. Continue reading

Key Features of Xero – Features Small Businesses Will Find Useful


Each business is unique and many factors need to be taken into account when selecting accounting software which best suits your business. All accounting software will handle the basics of accounting and produce accounts, but they vary in their functionality and how much they can do.

Xero is a cloud-based software which is perfect for small and medium businesses, sole traders, start-ups and freelancers. It is specifically designed as a simple accounting software which provides users with the tools they need to handle all the basic accounting functions at a reasonable price. This includes creating purchase orders, managing expenses, and viewing cash flows, transactions and account details. Continue reading

Netsuite – All You Need to Know

If you run your own business, then no doubt you are an extremely busy person. There are many business software programmes out there and chances are you are using a number of different programmes in your business such as Sage, Quickbooks, Microsoft, etc. Continue reading

Xero Bookkeeping For Restaurants – How to Maximise Your Accounting Software


Setting up a business can be easy but tracking its profits, losses, tax cuts, and transactions are considerations one businessman should understand. For every transaction, there’s a value behind it and the only way to determine the exact value of it is through accounting software. If you are a restaurant owner, the harder it is to keep track of every single transaction that has monetary value because of the hectic environment of taking numerous orders, delivering a great product and managing staff. Good thing, there are a few options available online to help your business succeed and save time managing the books. Continue reading

Xero vs MYOB vs QuickBooks Software Comparison

Major advancements in modern technology have increased demands for accuracy and convenience and recent legislation has made cloud accounting software a must have tool for Australian business owners. With its accessibility over various devices and the fact that data can easily be transmitted to users while still being protected, it is clear why cloud accounting is used by many. The increasing demand for competent software resulted in a number of cloud accounting software products to choose from with each one having distinct features. With all these programs, how does one decide which one is best for one’s needs? Here is a quick comparison of the 3 major cloud accounting software in Australia. Continue reading

Cloud Bookkeeper Services – Harness the Power of the Cloud

While running a successful business may be a dream, handling the bookkeeping can sometimes end up a nightmare. Depending on the volume of your business transactions, balancing your accounts and generating quarterly data can be a much of a hassle.

Cloud bookkeeper services offer a viable solution to all your woes. Here are a few reasons why utilizing these services will be great for your business while making your life easier.

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Cloud Bookkeeping Solutions – How Does It All Work

cloud bookkeeping

Technology affords us new ways of doing business, but some business needs remain the same. However, when businesses start scaling up, so are the demands for an accurate account of the complicating financial accounts. This is where cloud bookkeeping solutions enter. Continue reading