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Leading North Lakes Bookkeeper Service Gets Local Business Out Of A Tough Situation

Real Case Study Featuring Local North Lakes Bookkeeping Business

This particular incident took place 3 years ago and involved a local florist business which had for some time flown under the Australian Taxation Office's (ATO) radar and had not lodged any business BAS returns or annual tax returns spanning a period of two and a half years. The business was operated by a husband and wife partnership, where the wife who was the manager of the shop was responsible for the day to day operation of the shop and the business bookkeeping on a day to day basis. The husband was working in a fulltime job outside of the Florist and had little input into the running of the business.

Out of the blue one day came a disturbing letter from the ATO demanding that all lodgements and money owing be lodged and remitted in a matter of weeks or action would be taken. The action may have resulted in part of the debt being sought from the director of the business and legal action to recover as much of the debt as the ATO believed was recoverable. This inspired a phone call to the local North Lakes bookkeeper services firm Darcy Bookkeeping.

Upon getting an overview of the current situation, which was that the florist business was two and a half years behind in its financial records and lodgements and the owners were using Quickbooks bookkeeping software. Darcy Bookkeeping assured the owners that there was still time to turn this situation around. Due to the positive working relationship that the north lakes bookkeeping service provider has with the ATO they stood a good chance of negotiating better terms to bring financial matters up to date with minimal impact on the running of the business. A senior bookkeeper from Darcy Bookkeeping the North Lakes bookkeepers was there within 48 hours to review the current financial files and get an understanding of the work that would be required to bring the books up to date. The owners went from feeling embarrassed that they were in this situation to feeling relieved now that the situation was being managed by bookkeeping professionals who have helped many other businesses out of similar circumstances.

The bookkeeper was able to balance the demands of the ATO with the financial ability of the owners to achieve the result. The florist's owners were very grateful finally got back on track with their books after a short couple of months and stayed on track now that Darcy Bookkeeping took care of their weekly bookkeeping needs which included bank reconciliation, payroll and superannuation and also the BAS lodgement at the end of the quarter.

Don't let the books get on top of you, reach out to Darcy Bookkeeping for assistance in any capacity whether that be consulting or taking over your bookkeeping needs completely. Call today on 1300 728 875.