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New Farm Bookkeeping Service Saves The Day Again

Local New farm Legal Firm Decides to Outsource Bookkeeping Needs and Finds Great Success

Another real life case study which took place close to a year ago. A leading New Farm legal practice were struck with a dilemma when their existing in house New Farm bookkeeper resigned and gave no notice at all for the firm to be able to make suitable other arrangements for their bookkeeping and Trust account requirements. The law firm in this instance were using LEAP for their trust accounting and MYOB Accountright for the weekly bookkeeping requirements. The principal of the law practice did not know where to turn, after all business does not stop because one person leaves. After some thought the principal of the firm realised that in order to hire somebody as an employee through traditional methods by advertising the bookkeeping job online would most likely result in at least a 2 week lapse without having anybody sitting in the legal firm bookkeepers chair. That's when the principal was struck with a brilliant idea of reaching out to a local leading New Farm bookkeeper firm – Darcy Bookkeeping & Business Services.

A phone call went out to Darcy Bookkeeping that same day and an appointment was booked for the very next day with one of the bookkeeping firms senior bookkeepers who also happened to be a registered BAS agent. The principal could now rest easy knowing that a qualified bookkeeper was going to come and ensure business continuity without any interruptions. The next day the professional New Farm bookkeeper service arrived at the appointed time and got straight to work looking after:

By the end of the week all book work was again up to date for the Law Practice. The principal then decided that they would keep the New Farm bookkeeper service Darcy Bookkeeping on board permanently due to the high level of skill and knowledge that the member of their team had displayed. Darcy Bookkeeping had been able to condense the weekly bookkeeping workload down into less time than it had taken the in house bookkeeper each week, which equates to a significant time saving and time equals money as the old saying goes.

The principal of the practice was so thrilled about the service that a thank you message was sent through the next week to Darcy Bookkeeping for their professionalism and service. This business now is a source of referrals for businesses and individual that require bookkeeping services in New Farm and other parts of Brisbane.

Want to discuss what options are available to your business? Maybe, how your business could become another bookkeeping success story? Feel free to give us a call for a no obligation discussion about how we can streamline your back office on 1300 728 875.