Xero Help Resources

Usage of Accounting Software such as Xero can be a bit intimidating. Accounting and bookkeeping alone are intimidating enough. However, though it may be daunting, both of these are necessary for managing your business efficiently and can greatly improve your business operations.

So how should you go about it? Don’t despair. There are a lot of resources available to give you the Xero help you need to let you maximize the software’s potential. From training programs and self-paced learning to connecting with an expert, your education can be easy and fun. Let’s look at the list below to see how you can learn to navigate through Xero smoothly.

Xero Accounting Software Guide

This guide provides all the information you need to know about the usage of Xero, from setting it up, to converting your records from other platforms into Xero. This guide serves as the software’s manual while also providing help on how you can make the software work for you, your business, and your staff. This includes a section for FAQs for a quick answer to usual questions, Xero terms and definitions to help you understand the guides and the software, Xero Releases to keep you in the know, and so much more. Using this Xero help page can be time-consuming but is very rewarding. Also, you have the option to talk directly with the Xero support team by sending them a message. This can be about helping with doing something with Xero if you think something is not working with your software, or even if you want to suggest new things to make the software better or simply to leave a nice message to appreciate the developers’ efforts.

Xero Partners

Xero trains and certifies Accountants and Bookkeepers to be their business partners. They are experts when it comes to Xero usage and can smoothly navigate and guide you through the software. By hiring a Xero Partner such as Darcy Bookkeeping and Business Service, you can focus more on your business growth and advancement. Xero partners will handle the bookkeeping tasks using the software making the process easier, and the communication crystal clear. You can see where your money goes and see every detail of your financial records. Xero Partners makes it even easier for you to operate and to use Xero to its full potential.

Xero U

Xero U is a place where small business owners, financial staff, and accounting and bookkeeping partners can learn about the usage of this software. Short and simple video clips and recorded webinars walk users through the basics and even the more detailed parts of using Xero such as banking, inventory and managing add-ons. Here, you would see how to use Xero with your day-to-day operation and how you can grow your business as well using the software. This support page also provides information about dealing with End of Financial Year.

Xero TV

Xero TV, like Xero U, includes a lot of video tutorials to help you maximize the software’s potential. However, Xero TV provides more in-depth training materials, case studies, and videos about all the recent updates. Also, you can view videos from Xero team members, even the CEO and managing directors. This part of Xero TV lets you watch Xero Announcements, gets you updated with XeroCon, Xero Road shows and more. This feature lets you get the inside scoop of anything about Xero.

Xero Community

Xero’s user community is a place where you can post your questions and get help from other Xero users or from the Xero Instructors. This helpful community is very useful in getting answers to questions not covered by the guides and training materials provided. Here, you can be more specific with your question to make the process easier. A lot of times, it’s easier to talk to a human being to ask questions than go through all the available resources. This can save you time and effort and can help you get a more accurate solution.

Xero Blog

Like most online businesses, Xero maintains a blog that provides updates, news, and helpful information that can help you with your Xero experience. Xero blog is a treasure chest where you can learn more about the product, the company, and the industry that can affect you and your business.

Understanding Xero is a continuous process since Xero is continuously developing the product to the benefit of its subscribers. Training programs, videos and community forums are always available, but to get the most out of Xero, it is best to get a partner to aid you in your business growth. Darcy Bookkeeping and Business Services are with you each step of the way. Contact us today to get all the Xero to help you need!

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