Reckon Accounts Hosted Review – What You Need To Know

Reckon Accounts Hosted definitely made a solid return with its faster, better Version 2 that currently utilizes the premier cloud computing provider, Amazon Web Services, breaking away from its initial infrastructure that plagued the service with usage setbacks and disruption.

Reckon Accounts Hosted Version 2 is in HTML5, making it entirely accessible on any browser you prefer. Coupled with Amazon Web Services, you can now generate complex reports and download it in seconds. Let’s take a closer look at the new and improved features of Reckon Accounts Hosted Version 2:

  1. Intuitive User Experience

The new version of Reckon Accounts Hosted is a far cry from the first version. It has ditched the incredibly complex username and password format, you can now log in with the user credentials you made yourself. Now it’s also easier to save, upload, and download backup files. Leveraging the power of HTML5, Reckon Accounts Hosted can now be accessed and used like a typical website.

Because they removed plugins required for access, you can now truly access Reckon Accounts Hosted on any platform, anywhere. Printing is not a hassle too, as Reckon Accounts Hosted maximizes its cloud features that enable its files to be converted to PDF for easier printing.

  1. Better Software Support

No more manual update installation, Reckon Accounts Hosted will automatically update its software for you. Enjoy the 24/7 support gateway on Reckon’s online community. Phone support is available during business hours and is toll-free.

  1. Improved Data Security

Aside from having Reckon Accounts Hosted data in Amazon Web Services-operated data centres, all its servers are precisely located in the Sydney region, where multiple physical data centres are set up for disaster recovery and business continuity mechanisms in case of emergency.

All data is encrypted and Reckon uses a Secure Socket Layer certification provided by Thawte, the industry’s leading certificate issuer. Despite the improved data security, Reckon still strongly advises routine file-level backups for financial records.

  1. Runs Anywhere

Whether you’re a desktop person or a mobile person, Reckon Accounts Hosted got you covered. No need for the installation of plugins and additional apps, regardless of whether you’re on iOS or Android. You can now share files and collaborate with your accountant or bookkeeper in real-time and in peace.

  1. Superior Capacity

Reckon Accounts Hosted boasts the capacity of up to 1 million inventory items for customers and suppliers combined, handles up to 200 simultaneous users and unlimited companies, processes pay for unlimited staff via its comprehensive employee management system, and offers more than 200 multi-company reporting and graph formats.

  1. Transaction Convenience

Reckon Accounts Hosted connects with your bank so you can access and download all your bank transactions even on your phone. It also allows recording and managing transactions done in different currencies, opening your business to other countries, whether it’s expansion, sourcing goods, and getting help offshore. Last but not the least, Reckon Accounts Hosted allows you to lodge your Business Activity Statement and your payment summary online— convenience at its finest.

  1. Complete Control

With Reckon Accounts Hosted, you gain complete control over your business even via the software. Easily include your logo and payment terms on the invoices you designed yourself. You can also modify your Reckon Accounts Hosted dashboard that strictly caters to your finance needs. Because it’s in the cloud, it’s easier to code in, track, and reconcile all of your business’s inventory entries and its costs.

  1. Manageable Pricing Scheme

Reckon Accounts Hosted offers free trial runs and it even offers free data conversion, which are tempting offers that will lure non-Reckon Accounts Hosted users in. It is now more flexible with its current offer of monthly subscriptions at $45 per month. By purchasing the annual license of Reckon Accounts Hosted, you’ll get 3 extra months for free, totalling 15 months of access at the price of 12.

Judging from the incredible features introduced and improvements made, Reckon has definitely achieved its objective of eclipsing its faulty version one. It has made the user experience a lot better with its significant improvements in terms of function, flexibility, support, and security. Reckon Accounts Hosted also offers complete control, tremendous capacity and smart pricing schemes that resoundingly assert its position once again in the field of accounting software.

Reckon Accounts Hosted offers incredible advantages over its competition that the only question remaining is whether to choose the monthly package or the annual license. Contact us and let our team of experts that serviced over 500 businesses help you get the best out of Reckon Accounts Hosted Version 2 today!

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