Quickbooks Online: Top 6 Key Features That Will Work Wonders For Your Business

The need to stay connected has pervaded even the world of business, which prompted Intuit, developer and marketer of the accounting software package, QuickBooks, to come up with a cloud version.

Thus, QuickBooks Online (QBO) came to fruition.

Leveraging its powerful accounting software features to the connectivity offered by the cloud, it’s easy to see why QuickBooks Online is one of the most subscribed online accounting software solutions. Let’s take a look at QuickBooks Online’s top 6 features and see how it can take your business to the next level:

  1. Collaboration at its finest

One of the core features of Quickbooks Online is the incredibly easy collaboration scheme it provides to its subscribers. Access is allowed to up to 5 users, who can make data updates simultaneously without any difficulty.

Imagine all the time freed up by the collaboration, where changes are made quickly. No more waiting in line to do your data updates, no more calling or emails to alert changes or errors. All you have to do is log on, update, and you’re done.

Changes are seen in real-time, with every data update logged, making it easy to track errors. That’s what QuickBooks Online can do for you.

  1. Stay seamlessly connected

Worried about transferring your data from other apps? QuickBooks Online has got it covered.

Seamlessly sync your data from PayPal, Receipt Bank, and other apps to your QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online acknowledges the burden of moving data, that’s why it made sure that data transfers from app to app are done as smooth as possible, negating worries about isolated data and tiring cross-checking processes.

  1. Faster and easier transactions

With QuickBooks Online, you get to send out email invoices and accept both online and mobile payments as well.

Clients will also be more inclined to pay as it frees up the effort and time of having to pay you in person.  With online and mobile payment features, account receivable transactions are easily settled in the comfort of their offices.

  1. Transaction data recorded and organized

No more reason to work through piles and piles of documents or backtracking where you last saved that transaction data for verification. QuickBooks Online will do it for you as everything, from bills paid up to expense tracking, are all safely recorded and organized in one place.

With this centralized feature by QuickBooks Online, there will be no more worrying where you last placed your bills or where the sudden spike in expense records came from. You’re in control 24/7.

  1. Free QuickBooks Online mobile apps

Being location independent is necessary in today’s business world. Quickbooks Online will help you get your tasks done anytime, anywhere with its set of mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad.  You’re virtually always on the go, as you can send invoices while you’re in a meeting or on your way to the dry cleaners.

You can check what your business sorely needs on your commute to the office or track your business’s performance on your way home. Quickbook Online’s mobile apps will keep you in the loop so you’re always on top of everything, 24/7.

  1. Bank-level data security

You can stay relaxed and confident that your data is safe with QuickBooks Online. One of the key features of QuickBooks Online is its dedication to security with its utilization of bank-level security and daily data back-ups. You’re assured that you and your team can sleep safe and sound.

Software updates and patches are done automatically to eliminate the possibility of data breaches. With the ever-growing number of unfavourable data-related incidents, it’s best to know that data security steps and measures are taken dutifully and with diligence on QuickBooks Online.

The number of innovations has led to unprecedented productivity and performance spikes in businesses that led to more revenues and market shares, tightening the competition. With businesses vying for the top spot, it makes sense to be always on the lookout for an edge to keep your business running and profitable.

That’s why QuickBooks Online is a great answer to businesses in sore need of extra assistance that frees up time and effort to keep the operations running smoothly. Make sure that from setup to completion are seamless and every advantage and benefit are known and answered by acquiring the help of professionals.

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