Myob Workforce Management And Rostering

Choosing the best MYOB workforce management and rostering app for your business will depend on the type of industry you are in, how many staff you have, and how often their shifts change. If you want your business to operate efficiently, you need the right staff – but even more importantly, you need the right staff at the right time. Having too few staff working during peak hours, or too many during slow periods, great sales agents on holidays in high-sales seasons, or giving the wrong jobs to the wrong people can all impact your business success. A properly designed workforce management and rostering app can help a business get the best from its employees by keeping them on track while also improving job satisfaction.

There are many workforce management and rostering apps that integrate with MYOB. Read on to discover some of the most popular ones and what they have to offer.

First though, let’s cover some of the reasons why effective rostering is so important.

  • Effective rostering motivates employees, particularly when they are assigned shifts that suit their lifestyle. For example, parents working during school hours.
  • Effective rostering can save a business money by reducing the reliance on casual workers who can fill a staffing shortfall at a moment’s notice. It also allows a business to identify areas where they might have a surplus of staff so only the number of staff required are hired at a particular time.
  • Effective rostering encourages higher staff attendance rates by providing suitable hours that match their availability and skill levels.

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1. ShiftCare app for your MYOB workforce management and rostering needs

If you are providing Aged Care services or are an NDIS Care Provider, you may want to look into the ShiftCare app for your aged care management software. It is an all-in-one NDIS management system. Roster, invoice, manage documents, progress, and more. ShiftCare is an easy-to-use software platform that cuts paperwork and boosts efficiency, giving support providers more time for what matters. Delivering highly personalised client care, while growing your business.

ShiftCare pride themselves on Efficiency, Consistency and Reliability. Here’s why:

  • Efficiency – it’s easier and simpler for support providers to track and manage shifts, and organise payments, giving them more time for client care.
  • Consistency – like any business based around people, support work is different every time. By securely sharing information, ShiftCare helps bring a little more consistency to clients.
  • Reliability – from accurate tracking of hours, to automated invoicing and detailed record keeping, ShiftCare is trusted to deliver certainty when it matters most.

With ShiftCare you can set up a shift in seconds. They’ve made it easy to organise and manage care and support teams. One simple dashboard gives you a complete overview of your team’s availability, making it easy to assign the best people to clients.

Features of ShiftCare

  • Recurring Shifts – set up recurring shifts in moments, quickly identify gaps, and stay one step ahead.
  • Group Rosters – organise team members and clients, and customise shifts to suit their needs.
  • Manage Team Availability – see who’s available when with a clear overview of schedules and planned leave.

2. Deputy for your MYOB workforce management and rostering needs

Deputy is an all-in-one employee scheduling, time, attendance, and communication platform. It makes it easy to schedule employees, manage time and attendance, track performance, and improve workplace communication. It’s labour cost analysis tools, forecasting features, scheduling rules, and certification tools make it a great software for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Deputy empowers a world of mobility, integrates beautifully with MYOB software, and transforms the way businesses operate, saving time and optimising resources.

Features of Deputy

Deputy allows you to:

  • Create optimised employee schedules in minutes
  • Have full visibility of your employees’ stress levels, their qualifications, allocated shifts, and labour costs
  • Track time and attendance with geo-location and face detection technology
  • Minimise time theft and stay in control of your business, even from home
  • Cover a shift in minutes using the ‘find replacement’ feature
  • Communicate with instant messaging and keep your team aligned
  • Track compliance with individual tasks, record performance with journals and view real-time announcements across all your devices
  • Streamline your payroll process
  • Export timesheets for approval and sending to payroll.

Deputy’s iPhone app

Deputy’s iPhone app lets you see what’s going on at your workplace even when you can’t be there in person. See who’s working, share important posts, stop/start shifts, create tasks, and contact or replace missing people.

The Deputy Kiosk

The Deputy Kiosk allows your employees to start and stop their shifts from an iPad located within your workplace. Employees can also share important posts, apply for leave, update their available hours, and create, complete and assign tasks.

Watch this YouTube video: Introduction to Deputy

3. NoahFace for your MYOB workforce management and rostering needs

For those in the retail industry, NoahFace Shift is the way to go!

NoahFace Shift is the fastest and most accurate way to record staff time and attendance. It is designed for organisations that employee shift workers, particularly in industries such as Manufacturing, Logistics, Hospitality, Healthcare and Retail, and mounts as a self-service kiosk at the point of staff entry and exit.

NoahFace Shift uses facial recognition technology to provide a single-touch clock-in and clock-out process, reducing the time taken to seconds and avoiding queues and employee frustration during peak periods.

NoahFace Shift helps you eliminate ‘buddy-clocking’ and fraud by positively identifying individuals and automatically storing a photo of all clocking events.

The data collected by NoahFace Shift is loaded directly into MYOB, ensuring employees get paid accurately based on their actual worked hours.

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