Myob Bookkeeping Should You Upgrade To The New MYOB AccountRight Platform?

You might already have the business accounting package (MYOB bookkeeping) AccountRight, but the problem is there is a new version of the accounting package and you are encountering upgrade issues as you have attempted to move to the latest version. So you still need to bring your MYOB software up-to-date. How do you go about this and what else needs to be considered? Read through this article and find out what lies ahead for you.

Firstly let’s not forget the primary aim of MYOB, which is to make business operations simpler for the end-users. With the updated version, MYOB is still continuing the simplification of payroll, websites, retail point of sale, accounting, CRM, accounting, and job management. MYOB solutions are specifically designed for businesses of different sizes, sectors and shapes. The upgrade purposes to serve as a driver for the growth of businesses from just a single entrepreneur up to the medium-larger sized business turning over tens of millions of dollars.

The upgraded AccountRight 2012 offers resources that are readily accessible for users to help them decide whether or not they should upgrade their software. It is available in three versions: Basics, Standard, and Plus. Also, take into account that the Premier version will be made available in the market in 2013. An upgraded website is now out in the virtual environment covering videos and details to explore some of the primary benefits of the upgrade, the potential changes, and the issues that will help you determine whether the existing version, for the time being, is better. It also provides the user access to online resources to assist with their usage of the MYOB software.

Moving to the new MYOB platform developers of the software promise have promised agility with its product updates, which is common practice in the software market today. MYOB offers a new era for productivity through its state-of-the-art software and professional services that can help transform a business from rags to riches when utilised for its full information-rich operational capability. Capabilities which have been transferred from the previous platform to the new version of MYOB include report batches, M-Powered services, cash flow worksheet, and selected default reports. MYOB AccountRight is flexible to work within the desktop environment or cloud, accessible anywhere, available to multiple users, and has automatic bank feeds. MYOB has been rebuilt from the ground up so as to make the solution workable online through AccountRight Live.

Among the changes brought by the new MYOB versions are a modern look, movement of some commonly used buttons for easier navigation, less time spent and less effort in seeking needs, availability of column headings for ease of use, ability to switch between various reports and windows to make things easy, no need to complete a pay run in a single sitting, and the storage of a company file in a certain defined location. Just bear in mind that you will need to wait for further development of the software’s features should you be wanting to use M-Powered services, third-party add-ons and retail manager. You may however continue to enjoy these services through the use of previous versions of the software.

These are the positives of moving to the new MYOB AccountRight platform. Unfortunately, the experience of transitioning to the new MYOB platform and the actual use once transitioned to the new MYOB platform has not been overwhelmingly positive. Users have reported problems successfully transitioning to MYOB’s new software and even once having successfully transitioned have found the software slow to use, encumbered memory resources and had difficulty successfully importing data. There are a number of bookkeepers and accountants who have come out strongly criticising MYOB for its premature release which seems to not have been tested thoroughly for bugs or ease of use for the ultimate end user. As such some bookkeepers and accountants are not recommending or reconsidering a move to MYOB’s new accounting platform.

Decide for yourself and do your research as to whether you want to move to MYOB’s new accounting platform or whether a better solution exists in today’s market for your business.

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