MYOB vs Quickbooks vs Xero vs Saasu Accounting Software Comparison Part 5











































Accounts Payable



Purchase Orders

Xero does not have a function for raising purchase orders.

The purchase order feature of MYOB allows you to create a purchase order in the same format as a bill. This is easily convertible from a purchase order to a bill at the click of a button.

Saasu has a purchase order function which is also easily convertible into a bill at the click of a button.

QuickBooks and Quickbooks Online allow users to create purchase orders and convert these easily into bills where required.


Bills are easy to enter and users can choose some fields to enter nothing if not required. The interactive graph of Xero showing off your accounts payable is also designed to help you make a decision on the bills you have to pay and the time they should be paid.

Entering bills in MYOB is simple. Users can change the layout of a bill to suit their business. It’s purchases register allows you to view all bills outstanding from any or specific suppliers within a time frame the user specifies.

Saasu has a bills feature which allows you to enter fields as you require, some are compulsory. Saasu’s purchases screen is customisable allowing users to access bill information easily.

Quickbooks Online does not have an inventory function, which makes purchases easy to enter. Quickbooks or Accounts does have an inventory function for purchases which allows users to skip over some fields as required.

Export Bank Files

Xero allows for bank file export so to reduce time in paying your bills.

MYOB also allows for the creation of aba files to facilitate bilk payments.

Saasu allows for the creation of bank files also so to execute multiple payments at once.

Quickbooks also allows creation of aba files for multiple payments to be made at once. Quickbooks Online does not currently have this feature.

Remittance Advices

Xero has no remittance advice feature.

MYOB offers a remittance advice feature which is highly customisable and can be emailed direct to the supplier.

Saasu uses a report which is called a contact statement which acts as a remittance advice.

QuickBooks provides a remittance advice which can be emailed and customised. Quickbooks online has a report called supplier balance detail which can act as a remittance advice.

Creditor Management Reports

Xero has a standard aged payables report. Xero also has the purchases screen which is customisable and exportable to pdf and excel which may also suit a user’s requirements.

MYOB has an aged payables report which is very comprehensive and customisable. Users can also add credit terms for each supplier so you can use the report to see what needs to be paid each week.

Saasu has a standard aged payables report which is able to be exported, printed or emailed.

Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online both possess a strong range of reports including the aged payables report to managed supplier payments.

New Employee

Xero lets you create new employees easily with only standard functionality and record keeping.

MYOB allows users to add new employees and use MYOB as a database for employees as the information users can record is very comprehensive.

Saasu has a good payroll function which allows users to create employees easily.

Quickbooks allow users to create new employees easily and also provides a comprehensive list of attributes so to act as a database. Quickbooks Online does not offer a functional payroll system at this point in time.





Payroll Cycle

Once a user has created the pay cycle Xero will preempt pay weeks and pay dates according to what the user has entered. If a user wishes to change the payroll cycle they will need to create a whole new payroll cycle in Xero.

MYOB’s payroll cycles are fully customisable to suit the payment periods and payment dates the user requires.


Payroll cycles in Saasu are fully customisable to suit the users requirements for pay date and work week.

The Quickbooks Payroll function allows for users to adjust payment dates and work weeks as required.

Track Leave Entitlements

Xero allows users to track the leave entitlements of your employees. For employees to take leave a leave form must be created in Xero. Xero also offers the option to invite employees into the Xero file to create leave forms themselves.

MYOB has a great payroll function which allows for the tracking and easy reporting for employee entitlements,

Saasu allows users to track accrued leave owed to employees without a hassle.

QuickBooks offers a very comprehensive payroll function which allows users to easily track employee entitlements.


Xero offers the ability to create timesheets and record these in Xero. Users can use this function to comply with rules for payroll records to be kept.

Timesheets can be created in MYOB and the data used through its comprehensive reporting ability to create quality management reports.

Saasu offers the ability to create timesheets. Users could also export the information from Saasu into a 3rd party program to develop reports.

Timesheets are easy to execute via Quickbooks. Quickbooks online does not offer an end to end payroll solution.

Edit Pay Run

Xero pay runs are fairly easy to edit if the user is required to change the pay run after posting and even allocating payments to it.

Once a user has finalized a pay run in MYOB it cannot be changed.

Saasu will allow users to edit the pay run even after it has been recorded.

Quickbooks does not allow a user to edit a pay run once it has been recorded.

Export Bank Files

Yes, users can export bank files from Xero to execute bulk pay runs.

Yes, users can export bank files from MYOB to execute bulk pay runs.

Yes, users can export bank files from Saasu to execute bulk pay runs.

Yes, usres can export bank files from Quickbooks to execute bulk pay runs.

Pay Slips

Xero allows users to place the company logo on the pay slip template. Xero also allows users to choose some fields which a user may not want to appear on the pay slip.

MYOB’s pay slip is once again fully customisable allowing users to change the appearance.

Saasu will allow some customisability. Saasu allows users to email pay slips for ease of use.

Quickbooks allows a high level of customisability of pay slips. Quickbooks enables mass emailing of pay slips.

Payroll Reports

Xero offers a number of different reports to access payroll details stored in Xero. These reports do not offer great customisability though.

MYOB has a large array of payroll reports which are highly customisable allowing users to display data that is important to them.

Saasu has only a limited number of payroll reports which offer a small amount of customizability.

Quickbooks possesses a good number of payroll reports which offer a great level of customisability.

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