LEAP Software Review – How Good Is It?

Small law firm owners and administrators know how complex running a small law firm is. Mixing up billables and documents on legal matters are bad news, but the operational problems brought by downsizing, and even expansion, are worse. You’ll want to make sure that you avoid all of these problems as much as possible.

Getting the help of a cloud legal software is not only a great solution, it’s also a necessity to boost business operations and services whether you’re downsizing or not. That’s why you have to learn more about the leading cloud legal solutions provider worldwide: LEAP.

LEAP is a medium-sized legal software company based in Sydney that focuses on serving small law firms. LEAP has been serving its niche for over 2 decades and now they are currently providing cloud legal solutions to over 11,000 small law firms in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

LEAP is the only cloud solutions provider that offers 12-month money-back guarantee for every LEAP system that was purchased, making sure that each small law firm is making the most out of their cloud investment. Have a look at what LEAP software can offer to your small law firm and why it’s getting a spotless 5/5 ratings from software review sites:

Mobility Advantage

Being a cloud solution, LEAP allows you to work effectively and efficiently anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re on the way to the office,  at home, or in court, you can access all your legal documents and billable with a few swipes thanks to LEAP Mobile. Because the cloud manages your data, you can be sure that transmissions and transfers are safe and secure. Plus, software updates and backups are done automatically.

Now you can deal with staffing problems without worries since you can tap legal professionals and other fields of expertise with LEAP’s mobility advantage.

Efficient Legal Management

LEAP’s write once, read many features saves you from the hassle and time spent on filling out repetitive forms and contact information. All you have to do is to key in the information once and you’re good to go.

Minute details about clients, their history, and in-depth legal information about them can now be seen quickly thanks to an unrivalled search algorithm that improves searching efficiency. With all your information stored in one place, productivity will surely increase as staff will have access to the most up-to-date information anytime they need it.

LEAP has pre-configured settings that allow you to save time. Important legal details will head straight to relevant legal documents. Legal correspondences, document scanning, and various forms of legal file transfers are automatically saved – legal management efficiency at its finest.

Seamless Software Merging

One of the best things about LEAP is its ability to seamlessly merge with cloud accounting solutions like, Xero. Having both of them is a potent combination that allows small law firm owners and administrators to run operations like a medium-sized enterprise regardless of staff size.

Even the community of Xero unanimously agrees that LEAP blends well with Xero. Having the world’s leading cloud legal solution and the world-renowned cloud accounting solution is a formidable combination indeed.

Billable Accuracy

Small law firms based in Australia will enjoy an enormous advantage when they use LEAP: the leading cloud legal solutions provide accurate and appropriate rates for QLD, NSW, WA, SA, ACT, VIC, NT, and Federal.  Small law firm owners and administrators can breathe in relief now that legal rates are automatically updated weekly by LEAP. They will now always be complying with government obligations despite being unaware of changes.

LEAP also has a quick cost calculator, maintained by LEAP’s dedicated content team, which complies with relevant state and federal legislation on interest rates, payment terms, and even child support. LEAP’s calculator is designed to provide the information you need without having to reference external legal information sources, making it a convenient tool to have when running small law firms.

Extensive Automation

For small law firms looking to decrease their staff size without losing work-rate capacity, LEAP’s extensive automation features will come in extremely handy and highly appreciated. LEAP has a wide set of updated legal forms available anytime, anywhere.  No more wasting time looking through various sites for the correct Settlement Adjustment Sheets, LEAP will provide you with one.

Once you created a form, you’ll never have to start from scratch again. LEAP intuitively merges logged information to the relevant documents quickly and efficiently.

LEAP is definitely good, small law firms in Australia agree. However, having the correct software will never be enough to make the most out of your technological investment. Darcy Bookkeeping & Business Services has an extensive network of cloud solutions experts who will maximize every LEAP feature for your small law firm's bookkeeping needs. Contact us today to get you started.

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