Console Software for Real Estate – Do You Need It?

People in the property management side of the real estate industry constantly juggle tiring and time-consuming duties. Thorough screening of applicants, lease contracting, serving as the maintenance point person, and organizing compliance documents for safekeeping are just some of the many things a property management agent do.

A person can only do so much, that’s why getting the support of property management software will exponentially improve your life and your business process. Console’s GatewayLive property management software is one of Australia’s top real estate software solutions that allow you to run various aspects of property management in one convenient program. Console’s GatewayLive is carefully designed to fully assist property management agents in fostering enduring business relationships, improving prospect leads generation, and closing deals at a better efficiency rate. Console’s real estate software solution has been serving 4,000 clients for over 2 decades.

Read on and find out the features that led 4,000 property management users to use and believe in Console GatewayLive for over 20 years:

  • Secure & Convenient Trust Accounting

Console’s GatewayLive will ensure that your business is safe and sound with the software’s top-calibre trust accounting system. GatewayLive will actively manage your trust accounts for the residential and commercial property you manage, making real estate bookkeeping a whole lot more convenient.

  • Better Maintenance Tracking

GatewayLive easily tracks your maintenance tasks and status, allowing you to run your maintenance duties efficiently.  You can easily account for maintenance problems as the software allows you to update maintenance issues while you’re inspecting onsite. GatewayLive also has a built-in feature that allows you to deliver work orders and calculate payments automatically upon maintenance completion.

  • Accessible Real-Time Reports

With GatewayLive, you can depend on getting and giving the correct information in time. Console recently released its partner app, LiveAgent, to its real estate software solution that allows GatewayLive users to save as much as 50% of their time. With LiveAgent, you can quickly create and deliver reports to the correct personnel. With this kind of feature, you can now oversee ingoing, outgoing, and routine inspections as you go. Best of all, you can export the files to PDF or Doc for easy hard copy distribution.

  • Handy Productivity Enhancement Features

As if the tracking and real-time reports features weren’t enough, Console expounded on its dedication to delivering total property management support by arming GatewayLive with an extremely handy productivity suite that allows you to send multiple text messages and mail merge documents so you can effectively market to your target prospects anytime, anywhere. It also has a planner feature too so you can easily keep your schedule smooth-flowing.

  • Fast and Easy Advertising

Console allows for fast and easy property advertising through the company’s property portal upload where property management agents can quickly upload their properties to high-traffic real estate sites like and in one go. No more of the hassle going through different sites to upload, all you have to do is to check the file before uploading and you’re good to go.

The Verdict

if you’re a property management agent, or in the real estate industry in general, Console’s GatewayLive real estate software solution is the best investment that you can get for your career. GatewayLive will keep you constantly in the loop of each property you’re handling without wasting your time, your energy, and your money.

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