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Buderim Bookkeeper Service Helps Landscape Business To Overcome Difficult Business Situation

Find out why businesses like this are turning to Darcy Bookkeeping Buderim to assist take on their books.

This events listed here occurred in May – June 2018. The owner of the business here had been struggling for sometime to get any meaningful financial data on a month to month basis from current their Buderim bookkeeper which would enable him to get a handle on the business’s financial position and performance. BAS lodgements were being lodged late and fines and interest penalties were being imposed by the Tax Office as a result of these late lodgements. The owner by this time had enough and decided to look at other Buderim bookkeeping service options that were available to start quite quickly.

Some phone calls were made and eventually the owner got in contact with a business called Darcy Bookkeeping & Business Services. Some research was done and the reviews about this business were extremely positive and dating back many years to so he knew that this business had been operating for close to 10 years which gave him great comfort. The owner immediately got to speak with a Senior bookkeeper to discuss the situation and what was required for this business. By the end of the conversation Darcy Bookkeeping had agreed to have a bookkeeper from their Sunshine Coast office to attend the business’s office and take a look at the accounting software file to get an idea of the regularly weekly workload required and where would be a suitable starting point. Prices were discussed and the owner was very pleasantly surprised at the rates to have a qualified Buderim bookkeeper and Registered BAS Agent attend to their books.

Darcy Bookkeeping’s bookkeeper Craig met with the owner and discussed the time commitments to get the books up to date and gave the owner some recommendations for process changes that would save a significant amount of time and money. The owner was quite impressed by the recommendations and decided to proceed with using the Buderim bookkeeping services of Darcy Bookkeeping. Upon agreeing to come on board with Darcy Bookkeeping, Craig was to begin work within a few days time to really get a handle on how the business was tracking financially, bring all lodgements up to date and work out how much the business owed to creditors.

The owner was greatly relieved to have someone in the office who seemed proactive in their approach to his books and was interested in making the business run better and become more profitable. As such this business relationship has turned into a long term one where this business to this day still rely’s on Darcy Bookkeeping every month to stay on top of the books.

Are your books in a similar situation or you would like to find out what Darcy Bookkeeping could do for your business? Please give us a call on 1300 728 875 we would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you.