Why You Should Use a Cloud Bookkeeper For Your Business

Everything in our generation is fast-paced and mobile. Technology has its fingerprints everywhere which we greatly appreciate since it has made stressful work tolerable and convenient. In the business world where everything should be of top-notch quality, accounting tasks that make or break the business must be only handled by the experts. But when push comes to shove, and time would not permit too much multitasking, bookkeepers would always be there to catch the accounting tasks that should have been stressing you, and technology will work with them hand in hand to make the job efficient, convenient, and high quality.

Cloud accounting software has already won the hearts and businesses of Australian business owners due to its location-independence and very convenient processes and solutions. As the cloud frenzy reaches its peak, here are some things to consider why the bookkeeper that you would trust must be a cloud expert.


Real-time Overview of Finances

The ability to view your financial reports real-time is not a dream anymore. With a bookkeeper who is an expert at using cloud technology, view your financial position in an up-to-date window anytime and anywhere you want. Raise immediate solutions to any queries on your report as you view them as is. You will never lag behind the financial health of your business, just tap your cloud bookkeeper and he will readily show you real-time financial information.


World-class Data Security

Firewalls and anti-virus programs never stand a chance against bugs and mutated computer viruses. Losing your laptop with all your business information inside the hard drive could also drive you crazy. But when your bookkeeper is in sync with Cloud, data security would be a breeze. Only the people who are authorized with the log ins could gain access to your confidential business information. If your laptop was stolen or the hard drive was wiped out, you and your bookkeeper could still access all your files on the cloud.

Cloud security can also allow other people access to your data, but it is up to you and your cloud bookkeeper to control whatever information you would like to show to the public. Just as long as your bookkeeper is well-versed with cloud software, you would be assured of the security and privacy of your data.


Collaboration Made Easy

Having a bookkeeper who can manipulate the cloud even in his sleep is a real treasure, especially since the software enables the entire team to view the same data on their monitors at any given time and anywhere, as long as every member of the team has access to the log ins of the accounting software that the bookkeeper has set up. Cloud collaboration increases team productivity even when the members are not in the same location and time zones just as long as there is internet connection.


Automatic Back Ups

Everyone may have been too lazy to backup their data since it takes forever to do it. Regular back ups are not everyone’s thing, but with your bookkeeper on cloud platform, there is no need to do regular backups. Most accounting software automatically backs up your data and everything you post on the cloud, so that is one less task on your mind. You only need your bookkeeper plus his efficiency with cloud, and then you have all your data backups as part of regular work flow already.


Regular Software Updates

Long gone are the days when you need to go to your local IT support provider just to have your accounting software license updated. With a cloud bookkeeping service, the software automatically updates whenever there is a new update, and most accounting software doesn’t require additional payments for each upgrade. Whatever package you bought you already know what features you are paying for. Bookkeepers who are well-versed in cloud would always work with only the latest version because of its ability to upgrade regularly and without fail.


Track Data Easily

Once when your data are all in physical form, you still have to rummage over piles of papers on your desks and fumble through endless folders of documents just to reach the information that you want. Bookkeepers who specialize in Cloud will just click the mouse and immediately locate whatever data information you are looking for, without wasting time in groping to every paper in your office imaginable. The data are available anytime and anywhere in your bookkeeping service provider’s hands and you can have it in physical or electronic form if you want.


There are a lot of possibilities with having a bookkeeping service provider who are efficiently engaged in Cloud. Every bookkeeper from the Darcy team could fulfill all your cloud software needs, so go ahead and contact us right now and experience the ease of cloud in the midst of your business.