Great Xero Add On's

Businesses and small businesses, in particular, are working faster and smarter by using cloud-based software. Xero brings developers, business advisors and customers together in a unique ecosystem of cloud software solutions for small businesses. Connecting great apps and add-ons to a fantastic sales channel is the core of the partner program. And that’s just what we’re going to discuss today!

Xero add ons are applications and services that integrate with Xero through the Xero API (Application Program Interface). It’s free to become a partner, and Xero is always looking for good solutions and are happy to offer help throughout the process of becoming a certified Xero add on. So let’s go into more detail, shall we!

Difference between using Xero with and without the add on's


  • Easier to manage invoices, receipts and paperwork in general
  • Have more time to prioritise what you need to get done in the day
  • Have powerful insights and in-depth analysis of your data
  • Modify invoices


  • More costly
  • Reporting is limited
  • Bank feeds can be slow to come through

The Xero Add-on Marketplace

Xero has a range of add on's, you can locate them on the Xero website, and all you need is a login. For advanced inventory control and stock order management, the add on's vary from app to app, depending on what you’re looking for, Xero integrates with hundreds of add on business applications so that you can easily sync and streamline your data.

From inventory management, invoicing and time tracking to HR and payroll there’s specialised software that’s for your business. You can search whatever it is you may be looking for in the specialised search bar to find what area you may specifically want for your business.


Unleashed provides online inventory control to control stock movements accurately, it has an intuitive set-up and payable updates so it integrates all supplier's transactions. Unleashed sends Xero payable transactions for payments and reconciliations as you receipt stock. This involves costing invoicing relating to your purchase, even to multiple suppliers.

Unleashed allows you to;

  • See relevant Xero general ledger accounts
  • Powerful insights and in-depth analysis of your data
  • To integrate all suppliers and supplier transactions, Unleashed sends Xero payable transactions for payment and reconciliation as you receipt stock. This includes costing invoices relating to your purchase, even to multiple suppliers
  • Real-time synchronization of contacts as you acquire new customers of suppliers
  • Use reconciliation tools, to help ensure there are no issues, Unleashed provide instant reconciliation tools to save needless manual reconciliations


Unleashed provides a 14-day trial just to test it out and see if you like it, if you acquire an annual subscription you get 2 months free and then its $50 per month. You can save $100 with an online subscription.

DEAR Inventory

DEAR inventory enables you and your team to manage all products, customers, suppliers, contacts, purchases and sales in 1 easy use system. It has;

  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-warehouse locations
  • Multi-price tiers
  • Barcodes
  • Volume discounts
  • Product traceability and expiry dates
    You can also;
  • modify invoices
  • credit notes
  • quotes and purchase orders
  • templates to include your company logo and
  • additional payment options


2 months free trial. Annual subscription for $50 per month per user you can save 100 per year by choosing the annual subscription

Receipt Bank

Receipt bank is used by thousands of firms of Xero accountants and bookkeepers looking to improve their service. It’s also fantastic and ideal for small businesses looking to alleviate the data entry of invoices and receipts. Receipt Bank converts those annoying bits of paper, receipts and invoices into Xero data. It provides

  • more hours in the day, this software does the data entry for you
  • improved quality and consistency of information in real time
  • it’s safe and secure storage of your invoices and receipts as required by tax authorities globally


Depending on if you just want to be the user or if you’re requiring a multi-user account for others to have access to. It is $21.95/month for a single user and for a multi-user, it's $33/month.

How add on's work with Xero? And what support do they offer?

The 2 systems integrate seamlessly to provide a real-time view of your accounts. The software from the add on's extracts the data from your invoices and receives and publishes it directly into Xero.
Each add on has a mode of support if you are having any trouble setting up or working the app, or just in general queries. If you create a login to access the website, you can find whatever it is you are enquiring about on their dashboards, or you can type the question in on the search bar. There is a range of tutorial videos and a community to assist with any issues.


There is no doubt that getting some features to add to your business through Xero you will be disappointed, they are beneficial in every shape and form to make life easier for you.

Although it can be a little more costly to your business, we here at Darcy Bookkeeping believe that applying some add on's, especially for the job or time tracking, you will have a lot more spare time to prioritise and it will decrease your paperwork.

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