How Saasu Accounting Software Can Simplify Your Business

When choosing accounting software for your business, it’s important to choose one that not only fits well with the type of business you are conducting, but one that is simple to navigate and utilize as well. Proper bookkeeping requires education at every turn, whether it be the software itself or the practices involved. And for the last 3 years, Saasu accounting software has been one of the simplest and most effective bookkeeping software companies available worldwide, and have a great team ready to help you every step of the way.

Saasu helps business owners run a smoother operation and helps them focus on their growth. Here are few ways Saasu accounting software can help you streamline your business:


When conducting business in today’s climate, the ability to take the business with you is paramount to success. Your business may still be located in a brick and mortar building, but sometimes your business needs attending to outside of the office. And you know that clients in other countries work on different schedules. Saasu understands these issues, and with them, you can access your business at any time and from anywhere in the world. This means you have access to your contacts, transactions, and inventory instantly. It also shows you the information dynamically, meaning you are free to get things done more efficiently.

When you are in business for a long time, it’s important to make sure your archived accounts are available in case something comes up in the future or with that particular client. Saasu accounting software has the ability to hold onto account information for up to seven years, and allows you to export your information to your hard drive at your leisure.

Contacts and Clients

Sometimes, contacts can get lost in the process of doing business. Saasu makes it easy to not only import your current client list from other devices, but organize them in whatever manner you see fit for your particular business. You will also be capable of assigning to-do tasks and view transaction history with your past and present clients as well as your prospects.


Saasu’s online banking software thinks alongside your transactions. When you make a move, Saasu’s learns your habits and adapts to the trends you set for your business. The fast coding mechanism allows your accountants to quickly complete jobs for your client base. Finishing jobs in a quick and organized manner is a breeze.


Making sure your employees are paid on time is made easy with Saasu. The program automatically calculates taxes and cuts back on paper in the long run. Saasu allows your staff to record their hours directly, which in turn provides you with an easily reviewable pay run at the other end. Paying staff in other locations, pay grades, or cycles is a breeze with Saasu.


Saasu’s software helps you create personalised, recurring invoices all from the same screen as your smartphone. It also allows you to automate those statements to help follow up with accounts that get behind in their payments. It’s tracking function helps make sure the invoices get out on time and can be found when they’re needed. If you’re conducting business with companies outside of Australia, Saasu has the option to invoice in multiple currencies with updated daily exchange rates.

Inventory Management

Inventory management through Saasu allows the user to trade virtual items with ease. When packaging up your online product, and your customer wants to bundle, Saasu automatically updates individual quantities and components. Your client can have his bundle, and you can avoid a headache.

Reporting & Forecasting

With Saasu’s reporting technology, you can better understand how your business works by de-cluttering generic reports and selecting relevant information. Saasu allows you to run profit & loss reports for your business or customize them to run across multiple organizations to compare their performance.

Saasu’s forecasting software puts you in control of where you want your business to go. It simply starts with today and allows you to make the necessary changes to your business to ensure success. The simplest part of the forecaster is its use of your real transactions. There’s no need to import anything or to create spreadsheets, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

There’s no room for errors in your accounting, and having easy to use accounting software is a great first step to avoiding those errors. Darcy Bookkeeping and Business Services can help you get the best solutions for your business! Contact us today to get help!

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