Reckon One: A Full Reckoning of Reckon’s Online Accounting Solution

Reckon, the Australian software company formerly behind the distribution of QuickBooks in Australia has mounted a full-scale war on the cloud accounting market with the release of its own cloud accounting software, Reckon One.

Reckon One heavily relies on two edges: user control and pricing. Reckon One takes a modular approach to offer cloud accounting services where users can choose which accounting module functionality to get and which ones to discard. Call it mix and match if you will, but this feature surely poses a great threat to other cloud accounting solutions that offers functionality in a straight-up fashion, which might overwhelm users with other functionality they don’t really use which, in turn, might also leave users the impression of being overcharged.

Subsequently, this modular functionality approach led to a modular pricing structure where users only pay for the accounting functionality they chose, leading to a significant pricing advantage when compared against its cloud accounting peers.

Putting these two core features into account, we can see that Reckon One is aiming for individuals and small and medium enterprises (SME) niche, where flexibility and cost matter most.

Let’s take a quick look at Reckon One’s other features:

  1. Refreshing dashboard design

Despite its value, Reckon One certainly didn’t skimp on design as seen on the dashboard’s elegant visual aesthetics. Its competitors are in for an uphill battle when it comes to user interface and user experience comparison, which might be the make-or-break criteria for users aiming to utilise cloud accounting software solutions for the long haul considering that, aside from a few exceptions, every cloud accounting features are virtually the same.

Aside from the aesthetic advantage, Reckon One followed through with its mix and match approach in its functionalities too as users can select the data they want to see and functions they want to use on a daily basis. Features and information can be turned on and off whenever the users want. Coupled with the ability to set the scheduled display of financial data, Reckon One surely made an exclamation point on the user interface and experience department. Form and function at its finest.

Considering the ability to tailor your dashboard display to your needs and liking, it’s not hard to see why reviewers agree in unison that Reckon One’s design is arguably the best in the cloud accounting market.

  1. Straightforward Navigation

Reckon One’s navigation is designed to be straightforward and simple. It comes with no surprise considering their modular approach. After all, there’s no reason to swamp users with added features that only confuses more instead of enlightening. What you click is what you get.

  1. Locally hosted data

Reckon One is the only cloud accounting solution that hosts all of its data in Australia, which proves to be a relief to users who are anxious over overseas hosting security.  In light of the recent series of security penetration and confidential files dissemination incidents, this puts Reckon One in a serious advantage over its competitors with offshore hosted data.

  1. User Access levels

Unlike some of its competitors, Reckon One allows an unlimited number of users. In order to secure privacy and security without compromising efficiency, the cloud accounting solution also offers access level grants to determine the access breadth and depth of a certain user.

More on Reckon One’s modular approach and pricing structure

Reckon CEO Clive Rabie believes that cloud solutions are overpriced, and then preceded by undercutting the cloud accounting solution market by offering Reckon One’s core at a jaw-dropping $5 per month.

It should be mentioned that Reckon One’s core is nothing to be scoffed at. The core utilizes the class security, offers free 24/7 support, offers an unlimited number of collaborators, can be shared with BAS agents, and even allows users to have multiple tabs open. This concludes that Reckon One is still competitive even in its fundamental form.

The additional module starts at $3, keeping Reckon One’s competitive pricing guard up. As businesses flourish, the need for more modules rises. Depending on the nature of the business and the need, a user can opt for three modules: Invoices module for faster and on-the-go invoice processing, BankData module for easy reconciliation of banking and credit card transactions, and Projects module for real-time monitoring of net project position and profit and loss reports.

Whatever accounting needs, Reckon One is out there ready to help at the best price.

Thinking about switching to Reckon One? Feel free to take Reckon One for a spin, contact us so we could help you get the best module combination that will fit your business!

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