Quickbooks Online Bookkeeping – Small Business Software

In the accounting field, few can stand among Intuit’s Quickbooks Online bookkeeping software. With Quickbooks Online quickly surpassing its competitors in the online accounting field, it’s no wonder that many businesses, big and small, are flocking to see what it can offer. If you are a small business owner, Bookkeeping with Quickbooks Online may be the last piece needed to take your product and people to the next level. There are a few things that help Quickbooks Online stand out against its desktop version and its competitors. Here we will sift through those aspects to show you why Quickbooks Online bookkeeping software is worth a look.

Quickbooks has been the most popular accounting software since 2010. Despite a pedigree like that, there have no doubt been some issues in their program. Quickbooks has been around long enough that it has gone through many growing pains and software updates, and thus has a very extensive forum available to new and old users alike.

In Quickbooks Online’s case, they offer free unlimited support to its customers. They offer both phone and chat support through their website. The small business resource centre, “Learn & Support” knowledgebase, Quickbooks blog and community centre are invaluable if you want to troubleshoot the issues yourself. If you are looking for some added support, Darcy Bookkeeping can provide local help for your Quickbook Online bookkeeping needs as well.QuickBooks Online
Location Independence

With Quickbooks for your desktop, there’s really only one place for you to look through your accounts and balances. Your desktop version is perfect for finalizing your reports and keeping things in a central location. However, in today’s global marketplace, being a small business owner no longer means simply owning a brick and mortar business. Having the ability to take your accounts with you on the road or across the globe is powerful, and Quickbooks Online can help make that happen. Quickbooks Online bookkeeping software can connect you with your business from anywhere with sufficient internet capabilities as well as through your smartphone or tablet. You can check your invoices and balances while away from the office, ensuring that everything is running smoothly while everyone else in your company is working on their specific projects.


One can never be too safe online these days. Privacy has become the most important aspect to any online program, and especially so in the realm of business. That’s why Quickbooks Online offers a great system to ensure the users information and accounts be kept private. Quickbooks Online offers the Intuit server on which you can store your pertinent information. Alternatively, you can upload your files to your own personal cloud, in which you have full control of your information’s safety.

Quickbooks Online also offers a setting that keeps sensitive business materials you may be viewing on your phone hidden. This setting helps ensure that your files are safe from wandering eyes.

Ease of Use

When setting up Quickbooks Online accounting software, the program asks you about what your business does in order to set up a dashboard that properly states what you need to know in the most orderly way possible. The dashboard updates periodically, and gives you a real sense of where your business is at financially. It tracks your income, overdue and paid invoices, expenses, profits and losses, and comes with a “to-do” widget.

Quickbooks Online is without a doubt accountant approved. Since most accountants already use Quickbooks, they won’t have to learn the system. More importantly, you won’t have to teach them. Exporting files with Quickbooks is also very easy. And as we know, if the books are easy, the accountant can perform a more efficient job.

The cost of the Quickbooks Online ranges from $9.99 per month to $26.95 per month, and each price point gives you a different level of product involvement and scope of services. If you need assistance choosing the right package for your small business, Darcy bookkeeping can provide expert opinion and assistance in making Quickbooks Online work for you smoothly. That way, you can focus on more important things such as growing your business!