Xero vs Saasu Bookkeeping Software

As Xero and Saasu bookkeepers located on the Gold Coast we often get clients asking what accounting software is best to use. There is no simple answer to this question as each software package has different features, and each business has unique requirements. Two of the software programs that we use the most are Xero and Saasu so we’ve put together a little Xero vs Saasu accounting software comparison. These programs are similar in their application in that they are both cloud-based programs, so here is a comparison of the features of both of these software packages. Continue reading

Saasu Accounting Software Review

Saasu Bookkeepers
ICB Review

Saasu wins at the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) review for top 10 business features and compete review.


Why should you use Saasu?
Ok, let’s get into our Saasu accounting software review. So why would someone want to choose Saasu?

It’s simple! Saasu can have most users and customers up and running before they’re off the phone. You can subscribe online and have a 30 day trial free, pay the subscription and be on your way.

It’s complete! With banking, sales, purchases, statements, inventory, contacts, & CRM, reporting, multi-currency, time tracking, payroll, point of sale and even more.
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