Xero vs Saasu Bookkeeping Review

For a business manager to better understand their business operations at anytime, managers should be equipped with concise and clear and up to date financial information of their business. Enter cloud computing – cloud computing enables businesses to be fiercely competitive in their industry through multi-user access, access to data anywhere an internet connection is accessible and the ability to provide invoices to customers on the spot which will help bolster cash flow and reduce costs to follow up outstanding payments. Comprehensive cloud-computing accounting solutions are now available to small and medium business operations through the use of Xero and Saasu. Although both accounting software solutions can manage the day to day bookkeeping Xero vs Saasu have distinct differences that set them both apart.

Xero Bookkeeping and Saasu both enable the same basic features in order to account for business transactions and both have competitive prices. Their extensive reporting capabilities give end-users a wide range of printing options, file formats, and emails. Both accounting software programs are very accessible and readily available in a variety of currencies, which is beneficial for businesses conducting foreign operations.

Now let’s take an in-depth look at the individual features of Xero vs Saasu for your Business


Xero accounting software is highly valued among accountants and bookkeepers as they have access to a client’s information very quickly and from a remote location.

Xero integrates an all-inclusive payroll tool which enables the end-user to manage employee obligations sufficiently through the creation of aba files intended for the bulk of employee payments, track employee entitlements, and execute an automated super payment process.

Another feature of Xero is its ability to easily integrate third-party add-ons to increase system functionality.

Xero also has an intuitive bank feed feature that matches payments against purchases which reduces bookkeeping costs and time.

Xero’s dashboard display on the front page can be customized allowing you to view the most significant financial aspects.

Xero provides an item and service type invoice that allows businesses to lay down details of their operations when necessary.


Saasu accounting software allows the conversion of sales quotes to be converted to an invoice. This is an extremely useful tool for businesses in the construction industry and those businesses that produce a large number of sales quotes.

Saasu has a strong focus on the inventory aspect of a business which allows end-users to send purchase orders to suppliers, which is tracked through the business’s inventory.

Saasu allows users to email large volumes of invoices that offer a customisable professional and personal email template.

Saasu also has the ability to easily integrate third-party add-ons to increase system functionality.

  • Saasu also contains very flexible and customisable functions to allow users to create multiple budgets for different timeframes.
  • Saasu also is slightly cheaper to obtain a monthly subscription from

Our comparison of Xero vs Saasu shows that both offer different key features that depending upon what type of business you operate and what features you are looking for may favour one accounting software over another. However, the key tenets remain the same in evaluating which option is best for your business and in no particular order are – price, accessibility, data security, customisability and multi-user accessibility.