Cloud Accounting Software – What Are the Options?

In today’s business environment, it’s almost a necessity to have the capability of running your business tasks anywhere, and it’s made possible by cloud accounting software. This has been a big help, especially for tasks being handled by multiple employees or contractors, improving the collaboration process and eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth.

One aspect of business that highly benefits from Cloud technology is bookkeeping. With many businesses opting to hire bookkeeping agencies instead of in-house bookkeepers, handling business responsibilities online just made the process easier. But with a lot of accounting software that uses cloud technology, it can be quite confusing to choose. They all have their pros and cons, but knowing what exactly you would need for your business will take you a step ahead of the game. Know which software listed below is for you!

  1. MYOB

One of the most popular cloud accounting software is MYOB. MYOB can make a big difference to your small business once it is set up by CPA-titled bookkeepers. It is extremely easy to use and offers convenience. Tax time would never again become a problem once you learn to trust MYOB.

MYOB services include MYOB Essentials which is perfect for small business owners, MYOB Account Right and MYOB Account Edge. MYOB bookkeepers can handle your daily bookkeeping needs using only this software as their weapon. Training will also be included for business owners on how to manage MYOB while MYOB bookkeepers still provide support at the background. Once MYOB is already installed, you will enjoy its benefits like no other.

Producing instant reports on PAY, GST, and BAS will be a breeze. MYOB bookkeepers will help you with your day to day reports using this intelligent and very organized software. Whenever there is a tax change, MYOB updates automatically so you will also become updated with your tax office. Another feature of MYOB is being updated with superannuation rate charges. You and your bookkeeper can easily collaborate through MYOB so you could both check your accounts together. Asset write-offs and depreciation can easily be recorded and get ahead of others with your ATO superstream obligations in record time.

  1. Reckon

Reckon services have greatly improved a lot of small businesses in Australia through its bookkeeping software. Reckon offers a lot of advantageous features that will surely make you stick with it through thick and thin.

Reckon software packages include Reckon One and Reckon Accounts. Reckon One ideally fits small business owners in Australia with its easy to collaborate with your bookkeepers features. You, your team, and your bookkeeper could share files with each other wherever you are.

Reckon One also makes it easier for you to track your receipts, payments and GST. You would be able to see real-time changes with your net position once your bookkeeper has installed the software. Categorise unlimited transactions through Reckon One and manually import your bank statements too. It also integrates Super Stream in it as an added efficiency. You can also manage your invoices through the free mobile app provided, so be updated on the go with Reckon One.

  1. Saasu

Access your Saasu account flexibly with its Clear Jelly feature that lets you create the perfect report and dashboard for your business in just a few clicks. See your bank balances and sales through the live dashboard. Saasu also enables you to create professional invoices and give a credit card or PayPal payment option to your customers.

You would never encounter a problem with your expenses again as Saasu allows you to attach documents receipts via mobile and web apps for easy accessibility of these data. Keep everything up-to-date with your bank feeds as you reconcile your accounts without a fuss.

One of the best features of Saasu is its Forecaster, a tool that lets you see your future cash flow so you can breathe easier during tight times. Your inventories can be managed efficiently by its powerful inventory management tool as well as its purchasing and supply chain tools. Rest assured, Saasu will save you time and money as it aids you to the top.

  1. Xero

One of the most popular accounting software, and one of the leading when it comes to mobile cloud accounting apps, Xero made its name as a great tool for handling transactions online. Many business owners’ lives have been made easier by this innovative program and helped streamline many business processes.

Xero’s mobile app, Xero Touch, allows users to create invoices and receipts on the go, and without any difficulties. One of its reason for fame is the ability to take pictures of receipts and store them in the app itself, bringing more convenience for users on the go.

Managing your finance is also made easier by having a real-time monitoring dashboard that can help you see your bills, invoices, receivables, fixed assets,  and more that can show you the business’ current standing in terms of income and expenses.

With all these features and more, not to mention their superb user experience design, Xero truly made the term “Beautiful Accounting” a pleasant truth.

  1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks online allows you to keep up with your bank reconciling credit card and bank transactions automatically. You can also record and save the receipts of your expenses, even photograph them for future tax time use. You can also create professional invoices complete with your company brand to send out to your customers. Running your employees’ payroll would also be extra easy through QuickBooks.

The most prominent feature of QuickBooks is its multifactor authentication to safeguard all your files. This is an added security feature before you can access your account. MFA lets you confirm your account information by entering a code that is delivered to you via text message or on your email account. Once you have confirmed it, you could gain access to your QuickBooks Online account.

There are a lot more you can choose from, but with all these wonderful choices and their benefits, it can be hard to pick the right one. But no need to worry, one of them will be the best pick and Darcy bookkeepers will surely give you a hand in choosing the perfect accounting software to match your small business. Contact us today!

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