Cashflow Manager Software – Is It Right For You?

As a bookkeeper, you understand the importance of knowing the ins and outs of your business. From the inventory to finances, you need to have an iron-clad knowledge of each aspect in order to create usable data when tax time comes around. This is especially true for cash flow managers. When you are charged with managing the cash flow of a business, you are ostensibly overseeing the transference between the buyer and seller – and the numbers need to add up every time.

Gone are the days when cash flow management needed to be handled by hand. Today, there are various cash flow management software options available for managers everywhere that are designed to make the job simpler and more streamlined than ever before. As we discuss below, we will examine just why this software is important, which apps are popular today, and will answer the question about whether cash flow management software is the right fit for you and your business.

How It Helps

Let’s look at how this software helps its users. It’s important however for us to go over just what a cash flow manager’s duties are before diving into how the software is able to help.

Cash flow managers have to manage how the money moves in and out of the business during a set period of time. The statements created by the manager help assess whether or not a specific project should move forward or if you have a liquidity issue. It’s possible to be a profitable company with no cash on hand, so the most important thing you can do as a manager is measure and evaluate your business’ health constantly.

By employing cash flow management software to your business, you are able to watch over your business transactions and get a good idea of the health of your business with a few clicks and some data entry. With software on your side, the picture taken of your business is clear and concise.

What Apps and Programs Work Best?

There are many different programs and applications available to help cash flow managers perform their specific duties. Each application and program has different levels of functionality that will help some managers more than others, but all of these programs are top of the line and are sure to send you in the right direction in terms of cash flow management.



This application has been around for many years and provides a sound cash flow management solution for any business. As the name suggests, it helps cash flow managers keep their fingers on the goings-on with your business financials. The application was created by small business, for small businesses. You can use Pulse on various platforms to track cash flow daily, monthly, or yearly – whatever suits your business’ needs. Pulse is a wonderfully simple system to use,



Cash Flow managers across the Gold Coast already know of the wonders of QuickBooks, and there’s a good reason for that. QuickBooks have been at the forefront of accounting technology since the beginning, and their cash flow management system gives managers a simple system in which they can sort the cash flow by accounts receivable or payable, bank account, net inflow or projected balance. It gives cash flow managers a lot of versatility when monitoring their business’ money.



If you are looking for the simplest and most eye-catching cash flow management software imaginable, Float is the perfect solution. Its intuitive design allows managers of any experience level to be up and running in no time. This multi-platform program is able to sync with your current accounting software, meaning you won’t have to transfer data from one system to the next. The built-in tools also allow cash flow managers to deep dive into specifics of their business to truly get an all-around picture of what’s going on.


Up Your Cash Flow

For managers who are looking to analyze their current cash flow in order to develop a comprehensive cash management plan, Up Your Cash Flow will work wonderfully. The software is able to do all of your work for you without you having to worry about spreadsheets and formulas. With Up Your Cash Flow, it’s a good bet that your cash flow management will become a lot simpler.



Cash flow management software doesn’t have to be too complicated, and Calxa proves that without a doubt. With Calxa, your small business will have a powerful cash flow management tool that is incredibly user friendly. Available on multiple platforms, this software is able to help you and your business stay on top of your finances.


Is It Right For You?


Having the right software for your business can make all the difference. For small business owners and accountants, having the cash flow in the black is the main goal. There are many things that you can do as a cash flow manager that can help the situation, and having proper cash flow management software is one such step that’s available to take.


There are many different options of software available, so be sure to research which piece of software will work best for your business. If you have any questions or would like a professional bookkeeper’s opinion about your cash flow management software, don’t hesitate to give our office a call. We’d be happy to help you out.