LEAP Software Review – How Good Is It?

Small law firm owners and administrators know how complex running a small law firm is. Mixing up billables and documents on legal matters are bad news, but the operational problems brought by downsizing, and even expansion, are worse. You’ll want to make sure that you avoid all of these problems as much as possible.

Getting the help of a cloud legal software is not only a great solution, it’s also a necessity to boost business operations and services whether you’re downsizing or not. That’s why you have to learn more about the leading cloud legal solutions provider worldwide: LEAP. Continue reading

Console Software for Real Estate – Do You Need It?

People in the property management side of the real estate industry constantly juggle tiring and time-consuming duties. Thorough screening of applicants, lease contracting, serving as the maintenance point person, and organizing compliance documents for safekeeping are just some of the many things a property management agent do.

A person can only do so much, that’s why getting the support of property management software will exponentially improve your life and your business process. Console’s GatewayLive property management software is one of Australia’s top real estate software solutions that allow you to run various aspects of property management in one convenient program. Continue reading

6 Key Advantages of Using Accounting Software For Your Business

The rise of technology has disrupted business in the best way possible: a specific task that should take days or months back then can now be done in minutes, or depending on the computer and software you’re using, in mere seconds.

The same can be said towards the improvement of sales analysis, customer retention programs, and process quality maintenance. Which prompts this question: what advantages would be gained from using an accounting software package for your business?

The advantages of acquiring and using an accounting software package for your business are definitely vast and quantifiable, but as a business owner, why should you use an accounting software package for your business? Continue reading

Micronet Accounting Software Review


Micronet systems is a provider of business and accounting software for all wholesale distribution and account based, small to medium sized businesses who require a single incorporated accounting, distribution warehouse and sales solution.
Micronet allows businesses to execute complex processes, realise enhanced efficiencies and increase profitability. Before upgrading to Micronet’s software most of Micronet’s customers had out-grown their entry level accounting systems. Some businesses just needed a more updated and modern system to lever their internal workflow within a single integrated system. A vital point of alteration for Micronet is that their software is programed and supported by an internal R&D team and Helpdesk team. Continue reading

What Accounting Software Should I Choose

Accounting Software Question

One of the most important decisions you’ll make for your business is which accounting software you’ll use. So, it can be very confusing, stressful and difficult as a small business owner trying to sort out all the different choices for accounting software these days. Between popular commercial programs, subscription based online offerings, and industry specific specialized software, the choice can quickly become overwhelming.

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